General assembly

The General Assembly is composed of the authorized representatives of the full members, collaborating institutions and individual members. The Executive Committee will summon an ordinary meeting of the General Assembly at least twice per year. This shall be done by announcing the date, time and location in writing at least 6 weeks prior to the meeting and by requesting members to forward items for the agenda at least four weeks prior to the meeting. The Agenda with all necessary documentation will be distributed to the members at least fourteen days prior to the meeting. The meeting is quadrate if the meeting was summoned properly and if at least one third of the full members are represented. No effective decision may be taken on items which were not included in the announced agenda.

The meeting is chaired by the President. He/she may nominate another member of the Executive Committee to chair the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting the chair will nominate a meeting rapporteur. The meeting is not public. The chair of the meeting may invite guests to the meeting.

Every full member has one vote in the meeting. Full Members exercise their right to vote through their authorized representatives. Another full member may be authorized to exercise this voting by proxy. Such authorization has to be given in writing to the Executive Committee for every single meeting. A full member present at the meeting is allowed to exercise the voting rights for not more than two other full members.

Decisions taken by the General Assembly require the single majority of votes.

In principle, voting is done by open show of hands if voting by secret ballot is not demanded by any of the full members present at the meeting.

Decisions modifying statutes and on dissolution of the association require two thirds of the votes of all full members. If such a decision cannot be taken due to the fact that not enough full members are represented at a General Assembly meeting, voting shall be exercised in writing according to the following procedure: The President will submit a written motion to all full members. This motion will declare, that under the conditions of the statutes, a written voting procedure on specified agenda items will be carried out and will indicate a specific date and hour as voting deadline. Every full member shall then be obliged to send its vote, duly signed, by mail or fax to be received by the Secretariat prior to this deadline.

Minutes shall be taken at every single meeting. These must contain the main items of the discussed topics, motions and decisions. The minutes shall be signed by the chair and the rapporteur of the meeting and a copy shall be sent to the members. The minutes must be approved at the subsequent meeting. Minutes are to be archived in the register of the Secretariat and published on the intranet.

  • election of the Executive Committee;
  • admission and exclusion of members under the statutes;
  • supervision of and decision on the accreditation of new member institutions and the continuing accreditation of existing members;
  • decisions on strategies and procedures of the tropEd Masters Programme in International Health;
  • establishment of eligibility criteria for the tropEd recognition of courses and modules;
  • receipt of the reports of the working groups;
  • decision on and supervision of the annual work plan and budget as prepared by the Executive Committee;
  • appointment of two auditors as specified according to the statutes;
  • receipt of the annual report including the financial report from the Executive Committee;
  • effectual discharge to the Executive Committee;
  • decision on membership fees;
  • decision on modification of these statues or the dissolution of the network.The Executive Committee may summon an extraordinary meeting if the interests of the network so require, or if at least one quarter of all full members request such a meeting. An extraordinary meeting upon request of full members has to be held within four weeks after receipt of the request by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee may summon an extraordinary meeting if the interests of the network so require, or if at least one quarter of all full members request such a meeting. An extraordinary meeting upon request of full members has to be held within four weeks after receipt of the request by the Executive Committee.

• GA meeting in London, September 2019
• GA meeting in Umea, June 2019
• GA meeting in Lisbon, January 2019
• GA meeting in Berlin, October 2018
• GA meeting in Edinburgh, June 2018
• GA meeting in Hanoi, March 2018
• GA meeting in Antwerp, October 2017
• GA meeting in Munchen, June 2017
• GA meeting in Barcelona, February 2017
• GA meeting in Amsterdam, October 2016
• GA meeting in Heidelberg, June 2016
• GA meeting in Indonesia, February 2016
• GA meeting in Basel, September 2015
• GA meeting in London, February 2015
• GA meeting in Bergen, September 2014
• GA meeting in Edinburgh, May 2014
• GA meeting in Umeå, January 2014
• GA meeting in Copenhagen, September 2013
• GA meeting in Shanghai, May 2013
• GA meeting in Brescia, January 2013
• GA meeting in Uppsala, September 2012
• GA meeting in Lisbon, May 2012
• GA meeting in Antwerp, January 2012
• GA meeting in Barcelona, October 2011
• GA meeting in Berlin, May 2011
• GA meeting in Bordeaux, January 2011
• GA meeting in Stockholm, September 2010
• GA meeting in Mexico, May 2010
• GA meeting in Heidelberg, January 2010
• GA meeting in London, September 2009
• GA meeting in Antwerp, January 2009
• GA meeting in Copenhagen, September 2008
• GA meeting in Paris, May 2008
• GA meeting in Cape Town, January 2008
• GA meeting in Stockholm, September 2007
• GA meeting in Barcelona, May 2007
• GA meeting in Bordeaux, January 2007
• GA meeting in Amsterdam, September 2006
• GA meeting in Bergen, May 2006
• GA meeting in Lenzerheide, January 2006
• GA meeting in Lausanne, September 2005
• GA meeting in Brescia, May 2005
• GA meeting in Berlin, January 2005
• GA meeting in Edinburgh, September 2004
• GA meeting in Madrid, May 2004
• GA meeting in Marseille, January 2004
• GA meeting in Heidelberg, September 2003
• GA meeting in Copenhagen, May 2003
• GA meeting in Amsterdam, January 2003
• GA meeting in Lisbon, September 2002
• GA meeting in Bordeaux, January 2002
• GA meeting in Feldafing, September 2001
• GA meeting in Budapest, May 2001
• GA meeting in Valencia, January 2001
• GA meeting in London, November 2000
• GA meeting in Lausanne, July 2000
• GA meeting in Brescia, September 1999
• GA meeting in Liverpool, September 1998

Fifteen years of the tropEd Masters in International Health programme: what has it delivered? Results of an alumni survey of masters students in international health

L. Gerstel1, P. A. C. Zwanikken1, A. Hoffman2, C. Diederichs3, M. Borchert3 and B. Peterhans2

1 Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2 Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland
3 Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health, Charite – Universit€atsmedizin Berlin, Berlin, Germany